On the Town Square, Jasper, Arkansas

Come join us on the Jasper Square for a full day of stories, art, music and all around fun celebrating the great unique heritage of the Ozark Mountain region.

Stories and Music of the River

Buffalo River Arts is dedicated to fostering the creative potential of the residents and visitors around the Buffalo River region in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.  To that end we present classes, festivals, and gatherings that honor the unique creative voice of each individual. As we celebrate the river, we seek to build valuation of this precious natural resource.

Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of entertainment known to humans.  The telling of, and listening to, stories allows both the teller and listener to re-experience the adventures that add humor, color and wisdom to all of our lives.  Ozark storytelling has its own unique style and rhythm that reflects the character of the people who live in the mountains and along the rivers.



All banner paintings by William McNamara mcnamarawatercolors.com